Saturday, January 19, 2013

102 Grids Worked on 2 Meters

Progress towards my goal of VUCC on 2 Meters has been slow, but I have managed to work 102 grids using my indoor antenna (6 element, 200 watts). WJST has accounted for about 60% of those grids, and e-skip has helped to fill in the rest. July of 2012 was an exciting time with e-skip in and out for the better part of an hour. Very exciting! 

Now comes the fun part, getting the confirmations. Less than 70 grids confirmed, though I send out QSL cards for each new grids complete with return postage and an SASE. Have to do a second wave of follow up requests that includes a letter of explanation about why their card is so important. 

LOTW isn't popular with 2 Meter DXers, though WSJT users seem to use it a lot. 

Today is the January 2013 VHF Contest, and I'm excited to be back on the air. Slow going so far, but lots of new FM locals in the mix--so that's exciting. Thanks to everyone who has tracked my 
progress--hope to be able to display a photo that VUCC certificate soon.