Wednesday, May 26, 2010

VHF Contesting Webinar

For those who missed it, Gene Zimmerman's web seminar (webinar) on the topic of "VHF Contesting" is now available on the Potomac Valley Radio Club web site: 

Zimmerman is best know as the author of "The World Above 50 MHz" column in QST each month He's served in that post since 2002. Gene is also a top-notch contest operator in both the HF world, and VHF+ efforts, being one of the principals of the highly successful K8GP "Grid Pirates" Multi-Multi group. 

The webinar had over 60 attendees, including two from Europe, and lasted approximately an hour and half. It's a perfect general introduction to VHF Contesting (just in time for the June ARRL Test, and July CQ WW Test in July). But it also featured some lively discussion about the design of a truly serious VHF station that will be of interest to both DX'ers and contest operators. 

For those trying to be successful on VHF in deed restricted settings, I really think it's vital to "work smarter, not harder". You won't be able to succeed with the typical formula of big antennas and big amps--so you've got to make up those db's in other ways. The best way is to be a better operator--work on your station and your skills. Webinars like this go a long way towards that education. 

Thanks to Gene, W3ZZ and the PVRC for the efforts involved. Check it out. 

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