Monday, January 4, 2010

Grid #76-Thanks to WQ0P

One of my VHF Mentors, Ben Lowe, K4QF gave me some great advice about VHF; "There are only three rules. Be on. Be Loud. Be Horizontal".

Or in the case of someone operating from a deed restricted neighborhood, I turned to another wise man, Meatloaf, who said, "Don't be sad. Cause two out of three ain't bad". Saturday rewarded my patience with a a new grid and a new state for me on 2 Meters, when Greg Cerny, WQ0P in Belvue, KS was able to pull my signal out of the noise using the WSJT software.

On one of our exchanges, the software recorded a signal pulse duration of over 2.5 seconds, which qualifies as a "blue whizzer" to be sure. Greg must have a great station, as he was copyable almost every sequence and often well above the noise.

He wished me Happy New Year during his 73 sequence transmission, and I returned the favor. QSO's like that on MS are really fun. My quest for VUCC on 2 Meters continues, with new grids coming at an average rate of about 1 new one every 2-3 weeks.

Santa also brought me a present of a TE Systems 160 Watt 6 Meter brick amplifier. That should really help my signal on the Magic Icom 746 Pro puts out 100 watts into a dummy load, but despite that I can' t seem to get more than 50-60 watts out of it when feeding my 3 element Yagi due to interactions in the attic. I'm hoping I can get up to 100 watts or so with the amp, giving me another 3db. I don't dare try to run much higher power than that indoors, as things will play havoc with electronics in my home.

Prepping for January VHF SS, hope to work some new grids on 432 and up during that one.

Thanks again Greg for Grid #76 on 2 Meters and the new state!


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