Sunday, August 9, 2009

K0XXX EM46 Who says the bands are dead?

It's 2:00PM in the middle of the afternoon. No sign of tropo, backscatter, and the 2 Meter band is dead as a doornail, right? WRONG! Using the amazing WSJT software, Mark Hambrice, K0XXX in EM46 managed to work my indoor signal using the JT65b mode!

At 307 miles, this is a routine SSB contact for many 2 Meter operators, but not for my station. Mark is running only 7 elements and 150 watts, so neither station on the path was a big gun. But it does prove what this amazing sofware can do, even under dead band conditions.

I never heard any of the tones being transmitted from Mark, so the entire QSO was "below the noise floor", but easy copy using the JT65b mode which is designed for Moonbounce (EME) work, but also works great for tropo and backscatter.

Thanks to Mark for Grid #53 with the indoor antennas. Over 1/2 way to VUCC on 2 Meters now. WSJT really is the secret weapon. Thanks Joe!

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