Monday, August 10, 2009

Grid 54 on 2 Meters

As the Perseids Meteor shower peak on August 12th nears, action really picks up on 2 Meters. This morning added grid #54 for 2 Meters using the indoor antennas, thanks to WSJT!

Worked W8NJR, Terry for my 1st ever 2 Meter Ohio QSO and grid EN70 in the books. EZ contact taking only about 10 minutes to complete. I actually copied both calls on the 1st sequence.

If you're not on the WSJT modes, you're really missing out. I also put two new 6 Meter grids in the book this morning, filling in "close in" grids in EM42 and EM46 using JT65b modes. This was with virtually no backscatter enhancement on the band at...(dead band conditions)

Thanks Terry for Ohio and EN70. And thanks to Joe Taylor, my freaking hero!!!!

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