Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Ideas for Indoor/HOA Antennas

A visitor to the Blog sent me a link to a PDF file called How To Play Radio With Hidden Antennae" by Eric Silverthorn, NM5M. You can view it on the North Texas Microwave Society web site (which is a goldmine of information on VHF topics!)

The PDF file appears to be a club program with lots of verbal discussion about the possibilities for overcoming deed restrictions, HOA's, and even XYL's who may not like the look of antennas. It contains dozens of photographs of installation ranging from indoor, attic mounted VHF/UHF stacks (like my own) to window mounts, "hidden or disguised" antennas, rover operations, etc.

Unfortunately, there is very little supporting text, so we don't get a feel for how successful these arrangements were, but there's certainly plenty of "food for thought" contained in the file.

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