Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T-Match Vs. Gamma Feed

A noted VHF man suggested today that I might try swapping my MFJ 3 element beam for 6 Meters with it's Gamma match for another with a balanced or "T" match feed system.

His logic is that the gamma match does not isolate the feedline from the antenna and that noise may be traveling along my hardline to the antenna. While I've added ferrite chokes at the feed point, this might be a valid way to reduce noise pickup a bit more.

The pattern of the antenna might also benefit which would help decrease noise pick up off the back side of the beam. I'm considering the M2 6M3 pictured above as a replacement.

He also suggested that removing the antennas for 222, 432, and 1.2ghz from the stack and increasing the spacing between the 2 Meter and 6 Meter antennas might yield improvement. Since I've worked very few new ones from these antennas anyway, that may have a lot of merit too. These antennas could be committed to rover/portable operation.

That would give me fewer bands from the home station, but might improve performance and reduce noise on the two most popular bands.

Much to consider. Comments, anyone?

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