Monday, May 25, 2009

6 Meter Opening to Mid-West

Nice opening tonight on 6 Meters into the Mid-West. While Minnesota was a regular here last year, most of the stations on tonight were new to me. Picked up new grids in EN11, EN43, EN23, DN96, EN16, and EN08.

Grid square total up to an even 150 grids worked in just a little over one year on 6 Meters.

Best contact of the night goes to KD0GWB, John Wicklund of Horace, ND in EN16. John is just ten years old and licensed in March. Fine Business operator, sounding like an old pro on 6 Meters. When I told him that I'd send him a card, he said that he didn't have any printed yet but would "make one" for me! Wow! That's the amateur spirit!

Welcome to the Magic Band, John...and also to a magical hobby. Everyone look for John on the band, and make him feel welcome.

Great night, lots of fun to hear the band open again.


DE N1LF, Les

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