Tuesday, April 28, 2009

VUCC Chase Still on!

Progress on VUCC has been slow due to work commitments and taking on the role of SEC for Alabama. I'm up to 89 Confirmed grids (out of 141 worked) on 6 Meters now. E-Skip season is starting up, and we've had some nice tropo openings too in April.

Unfortunately, I missed them all! But I'm adding the mag mount 1/4 to the mobile rig for six meter work, and hope to pick up some new grids early this season. With any luck, VUCC for the Magic Band will be complete before the end of June.

A large tax bill meant selling off my Icom IC-910H, so now I'm off 432mhz and 1.2ghz for the time being. Using an Icom IC-746 Pro has my primary 6 and 2 meter rig now.

This may push me towards a decision to operate "rover" mode during the June contests. An elevated position near my home would allow me to pick up some new grids on 2 Meters, and 432 as well (I have 432 at 25 watts from the mobile rig). It's starting to make sense as a game plan to continue the quest.

No lack of passion, just lack of time and money!

See you on the bands!