Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Sprints Ahead, closing in on VUCC for 6M

Radio time has been considerably limited this year, with the economy causing huge demands at work.

My current plans are to attempt Rover operation for the first time during the Spring Sprint for 144mhz in a few weeks. I have a 7 Element antenna on the way, and plan to operate using the Icom IC-910H from my pickup. I have a small "painters pole" push up mast and base along with about 25 feet of 9913.

This will give me 100 watts on 2 Meters, a decent antenna, and the ability to get out to some high spots in my area. My main goals for the contest are to:

1.) Pick up some new grids! Hopeful for some tropo, but we'll see.

2.) Test the "rover" concept and see if it makes sense for me to consider a larger effort in the summer contests. While I've been pleased with the indoor antennas in my HOA situation, it's clear that success will be a long time coming with this method.

On a positive note, the addition of a QSL Manager is starting to pay off on 6 Meter returns. I've worked 144 grids in a little over a year of operating. Have 67 grids confirmed so far.

Two meter total is a little over 40 grids, 222 stands at 12, and 444 at 15. Long way to go on all these bands, but I'm still really enjoying the chase.