Friday, September 12, 2008

September VHF Contest

Due to Hurricane Ike, and my duties as SEC for Alabama, my time for the contest this weekend will be limited. I may be on HF for much of the time, but I do plan to participate from the home station. Regular readers of this blog will notice that I haven't posted anything in the last month or so. We were in Denver, CO and St. Paul, MN shooting a documentary about the two political conventions. Hard to believe but I haven't made a single VHF contact in weeks!

Not much new at the station, though I do have some limited 900mhz capabilities this time around. Added a modified 30 watt FM rig and loop yagi for this band. I'll be on FM simplex during the contest hoping to hand out some points.

By January, I hope to have a DEMI 900mhz transverter for all modes. I've also added a 30 watt 222mhz DEMI transverter, which will give me 125 watts into 12 elements on my favorite band. Look for me on 222.100mhz.

Otherwise unchanged, which is a shame. I've got shiny new pre-amps, and even that 300 watt Beko amp for 432 waiting to be installed...but no time. Ah, well...winter is coming and that should give me some down time to work on the station.

Listen hard for my weak signal from EM63.

Also, while we enjoy the contest, please keep the folks on the Texas coast in your thoughts. If you can help out on HF, or VHF, please do so.

73 de N1LF

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