Thursday, August 14, 2008


Searching for information on an aspect of weak signal VHF/UHF activity can be a frustrating experience, even for experienced researchers. More so than in any other area of ham radio, the weak signal VHF community tends to be very specialized.

One guy may be the leading expert on low noise pre-amp design, another may be into Yagi optimization. Looking for information on how to build a 1st class Rover operation? Good luck with that.

Fortunately, Ron Williams, WZ1V has done all the heavy lifting for us. He has complied the most complete set of VHF/UHF "Links" that I've found to date. You can (and should) spend a day or more exploring the many sites that Ron has discovered. The best part is that he actively updates the list, which prevents wasting time on broken or outdated sites.

You can follow this link to Ron's VHF UHF Master Link Site.

Thanks've made it easy on this newbie.

73 DE N1LF

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