Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Big Iron Photo Gallery

Above you'll see several photos of my attic mounted antenna installation. Some look at this and see very short "rover" style Yagis, with large beamwidth and modest gain. Instead, I see "Big Iron" where every available inch of space available as been converted into gain for my signal.

It's not even comparable to the average rover station, but it's an optimized design given the circumstances. As a former engineer, I can appreciate the elegance of that. All designs are compromises. The secret is in making the ones that hurt you the least.

You'll see photos of the VHF Shack (Icom IC-910H). Not pictured is the Yaesu FT-736R that I use for 222. (Though I've ordered a Down East Microwave Transverter to replace it). You'll also see the Andrews 1/2" hardline mounted to the attic floor, pictures of the KU4AB 6 Meter loop (I use this as a "spotter" omni-directional antenna on my Icom 746 Pro. It's also fed with 1/2" hardline)

Also pictured is my original 2M/440 short beam, returned to vertical polarization, and some other innovative antennas from my "attic farm".

Hope this gives folks a better idea of my installation and maybe inspires some work in the lofts of your homes!

73 DE N1LF

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